Who is r1z4x?

Hi, I am r1z4x, a pentester with a multidisciplinary approach. I’m currently working at BGA Security


eWPTXv2   eMAPT   eMAPT  


Linux System Administration (2) - Linux Summer Camp (2015)   Web Application Security and Penetration Testing - Akademic Computing (2015)   Linux System Administration (1) - Linux Summer Camp (2014)   Information Security - Akademic Computing (2013)   Applied Network Security Training - BGA Security (2013)   Scripting Training for Penetration Testing Specialists - BGA Security (2013)   Web Application Security Testing Training - BGA Security (2013)   White Hat Hacker(C.E.H) Training - BGA Security (2013)   Licensed Pentest Specialization Training - BGA Security (2013)   Linux Training for Network and Security Administrators - BGA Security (2013)   LPI (Linux Fundamentals Training) - BGA Security (2013)   Advanced Network Security - BGA Security (2013)   CISSP Certification (2013)   System and Network Applications - Bilge Adam   Software and Database Applications - Bilge Adam  


Cyber Scorecard  quickeck  BGA Bank  rpidetect  


Node.js   Git   Python  Docker  Java  C  Go  Visual Studio Code 

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